Powder Puff Football – Hope for Hunter Week

The Hope for Hunter week is moving right along. I am so proud to be part of a community that pulls together in order to show such support! Here are my favorite shots from the game last night. Please feel free to click on any image to enlarge it for better viewing.

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Even though the score board showed the orange team as the winners, the real winner last night was Hunter. The girls had a great time playing, and had huge smiles on their faces throughout the game. The boys who served as coaches did a great job. It was a lot of fun to watch and a great pleasure to shoot. Thanks to everyone who participated or came to watch and help support Hunter.



Hope for Hunter


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Hunter was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease about a year ago. He and his family have been struggling with all the ups and downs that come with the disease. There is hope for Hunter in the form of a bone marrow transplant. Continue reading

Brother & Sister


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Grey Eyed Momma finally had her kids early Monday afternoon.

There was a boy

And a girl

They are both eating well

Right now they are inseparable

They love each other

And are just about the cutest things on the farm right now


Trying to Do My Part


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Being determined to do every possible thing that I can to save money, I recently decided to give a go at making my own homemade laundry detergent. I figured I would purchase the items and make a small batch up and see how we liked it.

With list in hand, I headed to town, hoping that I would be able to find everything locally. Between both dollar stores, I only netted a 3 pack of Ivory soap. My last hope was Homeland, and they did not fail me. Home I headed, excited to make my first batch. I was greatly disappointed to open the soap, and to find it damp, and the paper sticking to it as I unwrapped it. I went ahead and tried to shred it up. This was a colossal fail. Disappointment shrouded me, as I decided that I had no choice but to let the soap dry out for a few days. In the end, it never really reduced to the powder I was hoping for. Ever inventive, I skeezed a bar of Dial soap that I found in the cabinet under G-Man’s sink, and tried that. Viola! It ground down to a very fine powder, now I was in business!

I used the detergent the first day with apprehension, not sure what the results would be, and sincerely hoping there would not be any itchy butts in the house. I was very impressed. The clothes came out clean and completely odorless. I decided I really needed to give this detergent the hardest tests that I could throw at it. Even the dog rugs, and the blankets we are using for the baby goat in the bathtub came out clean and odorless. Let me tell you goat pee and poo definitely has a stench to it, so I was impressed. I also stopped using liquid fabric softener, and went to using just straight vinegar in it’s place. The final test for me would be the whites.  I knew they would be the next biggest challenge, beings that I cannot use bleach in conjunction with the vinegar.

Here are my disgusting socks prior to the wash… Yes, I know they are gross. Hey, we live on a farm with carpet in the house, and no matter what amount of cleaning I do if I don’t wear slippers my socks end up looking this way. UGH!

I used two tablespoons of detergent, added my vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser, then added the same amount of vinegar as I would have bleach to the bleach dispenser and let the washer fill up. Once it started agitating, and had released the additional vinegar into the machine, I turned it off and let it soak for an hour, as I always do with whites. Once the wash cycle was done, I was anxious to see the dried results.

Ok I know they are not perfectly white, but I think they came out pretty darn good for what they looked like to begin with, not to mention they have seen almost two years of wear.  I think I will get some bluing and see if that doesn’t help.

In the end, I am extremely pleased with my homemade laundry detergent, and very proud of the fact that I am making every effort to save the G-Man money.

There are a lot of recipes out there for homemade laundry detergent, I mixed mine as follows.

1 Bar Dial Daily Care soap – Ground to a powder in my handy dandy food chopper

2 C Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

2 C 20 Mule Team Borax

1 C Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (I did this for deodorizing)

I use 1 Tablespoon of detergent  for normal loads, and use 2 if the load is very dirty.



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Per Wikipedia, Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon, or the Moon Rabbit, and hearing hidden messages on records played in reverse.

I see a woman in profile

A Calla Lilly and a hatching Phoenix

A bird in flight

The letter “M”

An Angel Fish

A Pterodactyl

Gumby in flames

I guess I suffer form Pareidolia, I see “things” in everything I spy each day. To the point that it is annoying sometimes. 😉

Things I Saw Today


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Today I rode along to Tulsa. Here are some thing that I saw.

Drain cover.

Fire hydrant




Free parking

And… Me

One day I will go back, then I will show you more.

Christmas Hijinks!

For those of you who know my family, you know how we can be at times. For those of you who do not, well, let’s just say at times we tend to have a bit if a sense of humor. Some might even go so far as to say a bit twisted sense of humor. Needless to say, we always have a roaring good time, and can almost always depend on someone to come up with a great gut busting gift that leaves us all with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. When the rentals were here last month for Thanksgiving, we celebrated our Christmas together as opposed to apart.

From the time they arrived, Momma would tell us all that they found the perfect gift for Gator. She would just giggle and laugh about it and that would get us all going. With great anticipation we sat down to open gifts. When Gator picked up his first gift, Momma went to giggling, and we all knew this must be the perfect gift she had spoken of.

When he pulled it out of the package, we all burst into laughter.

I will spare you the comments that were flying around the room, though if you know us at all, I am sure you can imagine. I hadn’t seen Gator laugh so hard in a while.

What was it you ask? You can’t tell from the pictures? Well, Gator got himself a nice squishy boobie ball!

I will have to give a bit of background on the next gift. When the rentals were here in September, it seemed a couple of field mice made their way into the house. Daddy (aka Pops) had observed one running in and out of our live trap (so much for being humane.) He took one of our snap traps, and baited it all up with a nice little piece of bacon, complete with a pretty little green bow tying it to the trap. Said trap sat there for two months and was never even tripped.

G-Man decided it was only fitting Pops received his piece of art back to cherish forever.

Pops was wondering what it could be

He cracked up once he got it out of the box and could see what it was

He then showed it off to everyone, and at that point Momma burst into laughter.

He was amazed that it never caught the mouse in question. Said he had to be very careful with it, as it would snap really hard.

Then came the line we all knew would be coming… “You know this will be coming back to Nowata next year, right?”

The rest of the evening went pretty well, opening gifts, sharing laughs, being surprised, and very thankful. We all thought that maybe G-Man was going to make it out of this gift giving unscathed. Once the last gift in the room was opened, Pops brought out one final gift for G-Man. We all knew it was on at this point.

See, we have this thing for trying to out-do something from a previous year. Last year, G-Man sent Pops an old prosthetic leg that he had found in a dumpster a few years back. For a year we all thought that there was no way at all possible that Pops could do one better than that… Little did we know…

When G-Man pulled out his knife and was warned to be very careful, it was fragile, we all did not know what to think. Except of course for Momma and Pops, who were watching with bright eyes, trying not to laugh. G-Man said he was “giddy with anticipation”

What Christmas gift from Daddy isn’t complete without a CL Brothers box somewhere in the mix?

Now, Pops has a saying, what goes to Nowata, stays in Nowata. I think he insured this will never be sent back to Deltona. G-Man was thrilled!

I would say that Pops one-upped G-Man on this one. From my understanding he spent many hours working to make this into a leg lamp.

Complete with a crew sock and painted toenails, the lamp is truly a work of art. Now the game is on, and G-Man will be searching high and low in the coming year for something that could possibly top this!

Lucky 13


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Since my last post, we have had even more babies!

On December 15th, one of the brown eyed girls became a new momma. Unfortunately, she had twins, and the poor thing did not know what to do. We gave it as long as we could, but with the babies fading fast, I made the decision to bring them in to the tub. Both are little girls and here they are two days old.

Then yesterday, December 16th, Beulah had twins. I was so frustrated with her. She wouldn’t have anything to do with them. I took a towel out and tried to clean them up some, and kept taking them over to her. She was not a very good Momma with these babies, I must say. Finally, I had enough and decided to bring them in as well. The House Herd just doubled in size. Of these two, one is a boy and the other a girl. Here they are one day old.

Four babies in the tub is just too many. Hopefully we will get them in a pen outside this weekend. They are getting more mobile and holding their own. The little white one is already trying to jump out of the tub.

Then this morning, December 17th, Black Momma had twins. She is one of our very best mommas and will take great care of her babies. Here they are maybe 2 hours old

Then the other brown eyed girl had her baby, bringing the total number of new babies thus far on the farm to a lucky thirteen. Here the baby is less than an hour old.

We sure have our hands full on the farm. Never had so many new babies all at once. I hope they all grow up nice and strong.

Kid Explosion on the Farm


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In the last week or so, we have had a veritable kid explosion on the farm.

First came the twins, via Harriet, on December 4th. We named them Nellie and Bandit. Nellie’s name has since been changed to Nels, as he is not a she like I first thought. In these pictures, they are nine days old. Nels is the light one, and Bandit is the one with a black mask over her eyes.

Then on the 7th, Cocoa delivered a little girl. She is six days old here.

On the 12th about mid day “B” had a little girl. Gator’s Girl named that little one Boots, for obvious reasons. She is One day old here.

The night of the 12th, Greedy Gretchen had her newest baby girl. She is not quite a day old here.

Today, the 13th, Pink had her first baby. A great big ole boy.

This is Pink

He is a Few hours old here.

Boots and Gretchen’s kid could be twins

Here are Cocoa’s girl and Pink’s boy resting in the A-frame shelter

You can definitely tell which babies are Bud’s. Now that the big billys are no longer an issue, the ole tripod goat seems to really be making his mark on the herd.

Completing the Mobile Coop


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Back in September, we obtained what we planned to make into our mobile chicken coop. G-Man posted it on his blog here http://ufoznbacon365.wordpress.com/2011/09/10/september-10th-2011/

Of course I wanted to paint it on up, which I did, and posted a photo on my 365 page here http://lanailens365.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/day-209-mobile-coop/

Needless to say, we got waylaid by numerous projects that took priority over the mobile coop. With the onset of colder weather, the coop became priority number one to insure the chickies had a nice warm place to avoid the weather.

This morning after our coffee, we set out to complete the mobile coop. The first thing we wanted to do, was cut the screen out of the window on one side, This allows me to lower the side door, and refill the water we plan to keep inside.

While I made handy with the box knife on the screen, G-Man made short work of removing the lower door on the other side which we plan for the chickens to use to gain entry and exit as they please.

The next step was to build roosts for the chickies to use at bedtime. Here are views from both sides of the trailer.

Next we hung a heat lamp for use on very cold nights, I just realized I did nto get a pic of that, sorry.

Then to figure out the placement for the waterer, hopefully far enough away from the roosts to keep it from being covered in poo.

Next to close it all up, and move into alignment with the covered dog pen. We wired the pen gate open, and plan to line the door up with the open gate.

Proper alignment was a bit trickier than we hoped, but with G-Man’s muscles, and a well placed jack he got it moved as close as we could possibly get it.

Add about half a bale of straw for bedding covering the entire floor area.

We placed a 1×6 across the opening for the door to help hold the straw in. this created a little shelf, or landing for the chickies to jump up onto before coming on inside.

The final step was to see if the chickens would even come into the mobile coop. One of the Others, a Rhode Island Red was the first to venture in, closely followed by Dotte.

What started out as a simple 6×8 open coop has grown into quite the compound. We will leave it like this until spring, when the great move will take place. For now, I think our chickies have quite the spread.

The chickens loitered around all day trying to figure out what the humans were up to now. On a final note, we took down all but 2 of the roosts in the dog pen, all twenty seven birds were making quite the ruckus trying to all fit on those 2 little roosts. Hopefully they will wise up soon and start using the place we put so much work into.