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Let me tell you right now, that I am truly blessed! G-Man loves me so very much, and quite literally allows me to do whatever it is that makes me happy. Thus the multi colored walls in the caravan. I do my level best to make the house as pretty as can be with a very limited budget. All of the interior painting to date has been done with mis tints obtained for five dollars a gallon at Lowes, or with “leftovers” donated by great friends. Here is a picture of my west wall of my kitchen after completing the lime green paint. As you can see the rest of the room “looks like an Easter egg” according to G-Man. Ugh! All that hard work, and so very proud of it just to be told it looks like an Easter egg, oh well. Change is coming!


Well, the rentals came for a visit. Daddy loves projects, and I tell ya, the farm is a veritable treasure trove for him. Our caravan is in need of TLC, and slowly but surely I am staking my claim, marking my territory, and banishing the outdated decor that I sometimes wonder who in their right mind ever thought was in the least bit classy… What were we thinking in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Hunter green and burgundy? YUCK! I am making it a personal goal to permanently remove those colors from my home! I will be fine if I never have to look at them in combination ever again.


Oh and notice the floor here. We replaced the very ugly linoleum last year. I am thrilled with the results.


Above is a pic of the redo of the west wall… We kept the same cabinets, but replaced the counter top, and extended it to the end of the wall there (made a nice space for the trash can underneath and scored me needed counter space to place the coffee maker over there), then Daddy worked some magic with the most beautiful glass tile on the back splash.  


Here is the island in all it’s glory before the redo… Not terribly ugly, BUT that seafoam, bluish, greenish, whatever color the counter tops are just did not fit the vision I had in mind for a beautiful kitchen. Add in that EVERY available counter in the entire caravan was the same, and it just became redundant.


Now Daddy is going to work more magic here, and completely transform this island, without having to remove it at all. The lip that came down on the edges was just a bit too thick. In no time at all he carefully made trim cuts to insure it was just the right height.


And just look at that island now! The tiles are one foot by two foot, and are “imported” from Florida. It is almost like having a little piece of my previous home here with me in my new one! Daddy added the wood trim, and it looks so great, I am just thrilled.


Here is the bar before pic. The formica was coming off the edges. Notice that fancy dancy blue 4 inch tile there that was to serve as a back splash. And yes, you can still see how every wall that was not your basic white was done with that hideous green and burgundy.


So how is this for a redo? More imported tile, Daddy’s ingenious layout, not to mention badass tile setting skills, and my little kitchen just took a huge step up on the classy ladder. Oh yeah! It is shaping up nicely.


That back splash needs a lot of loving. I will be a happy girl when the day comes that I never have to look at that pattern ever again on a daily basis.


Now to move on to the east wall, where the sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and stove are located. Several things to take note of in this pic. 1 – The sink is your basic super cheap caravan sink, very small, and has my new faucet on it already. I couldn’t do a thing with that straight so called faucet that was on it before. 2 – The cabinets have definitely seen better days. They just fit under the counter top which measures approximately 23.5 inches deep (my new sink is 22 inches deep, so this is a major issue). 3 – Three, count them THREE drawers for my entire kitchen. 4 – See that cabinet on the end? That is the ONLY cabinet in the entire caravan that I have refused to touch the entire time I have lived here. It was just a scary cabinet. I even went so far as to offer $25.00 to have it cleaned, but got no takers on it, now that’s a scary cabinet!


And here is it with all new lower cabinets, stained and finished to perfection. The new counter top measures over 25 inches deep, which holds my versatile new sink wonderfully. Add in that I now have FIVE drawers, and I am one step closer to kitchen heaven. Scary cabinet has been replaced with a larger one, which extended my counter top area by a good six inches, making it a nice ten feet long from one end to the other.


The back splash is so gorgeous, and pictures just do not do it justice. Daddy, Momma, G-Man and I worked so hard on it all, and I am just thrilled with the results!


Notice the tile behind and above the stove area, it looks so much nicer!

IMG_2960 IMG_2959

The stove even looks new sitting amongst all the beauty!


A different angle of the east wall counter top, notice how great the sink looks. I am in love with my new sink!


Check that baby out! I researched sinks for a good two weeks until I found this one, then continued to research another two weeks until I decided this was the sink for me. Notice the pans? The ones with the rubber ring around them? They are removable  In essence I have a single farm sink, or I can us the wash bin on the right side to fill with soapy water for washing. The bin on the left side is a huge colander. There is also a nice bamboo cutting board that sits on top of the entire thing. The wash bin itself is larger than either side of the old sink. Takes my dish washing to an entire new level of efficiency and happiness.


Another shot of the area above and behind the stove. Mahhhhvellus, I tell you!


Add in new blinds above sink, and my curtains look wonderful


But you gotta check out my gorgeous new curtain that my wonderful Momma crocheted me filet style. It is just beautiful, and I just had to share it with you all! IMG_2905

I gave her a rough idea of what I wanted, something filet, that laid pretty straight, no gathers or rufflies and whatnot. She came up with this beautiful creation!IMG_2903

This window measures approximately 48 inches wide, by 60 inches long. It is huge, and sits right next to my refrigerator. I have been waiting for the perfect covering for it, when the one that was on it originally was taken away unexpectedly, I was livid and petty. I put up cheap dollar store curtain that did not even fit, and refused to invest anything else into it. I am more thrilled with this than I ever was about the original one, it is so much more beautiful than anything else! IMG_2907

My dear friend brought me some Iris in bloom, and I think they look right at home here in my new kitchen! IMG_2899Just a bonus pic of my soap dispenser. It is actually a salad oil thingy, but we replaced the tip and it now holds my dish soap. This is also a Florida import.