The popping of lids on the canning jars has to be one of the most satisfying sounds I think I have ever heard. As I sit here typing this, the “pop, pop, pop” I keep hearing is the perfect finale to my latest canning adventure.

I was on a mission to can some corn cob jelly, and am proud to say that I was able to get a couple batches put up today. Last weekend, we were so happy to see the 4H kids at the Nowata County Farmers Market with a truck bed full of Peaches & Cream corn fresh picked, and bagged up ready to sell. We scored a couple dozen.

Once the corn was blanched, cut form the cob, and frozen, I was eager to begin my newest foray into the canning world.

I boiled the cobs a dozen at a time in two quarts of water for a good 30-40 minutes.

Then strained it thoroughly, netting myself four cups of juice per batch. I saved the boiled cobs, and they will be a nice surprise for my little chickies this evening.

Now that I had my juice, I was ready to get rockin on some serious jelly making.

I added the four cups of juice back into my freshly washed pan, added my secret ingredient, a box of powdered pectin, and brought the concoction to a full boil. I then added four cups of sugar and stirred my little heart out, bringing the mixture to full boil once again, and boiled for exactly three minutes. I ladled the beautiful yellow goo into prepared jelly jars, cleaned the tops, added the lids and rings, and completed my final processing.

I couldn’t wait to take some shots to share with you how pretty they turned out.

Just look at that beautiful yellow jelly!

I think it is safe to say I will definitely be making this jelly one of my signature flavors!