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Last year for my birthday, I became the very proud new Momma of two pot belly piglets! They were so tiny and sweet.

This is me and Javelina Bacon on her first day home. We call her Lena for short.

Needless to say, the piggies, grew, and grew, and grew.

A pot belly pig’s gestation period is three months, three days, and three hours. I have been watching and hoping that I was right for the last two months. This being my first experience with piggie pregnancy, I must admit that there were days that I  thought maybe Lena was just getting really fat.

She would have been one month along here.

I took pictures of Lena and Greggery two days ago on Mother’s Day, and was hoping I would get babies that day.

Poor Lena was just generally miserable that day.

Last night I had a feeling the time had finally come. Lena was not her normal self. Did not come out to greet me as quickly as possible, and was nesting. When feeding time came, she barely stopped long enough to eat. This morning when I woke up, I started the coffee, and went to do my normal animal check. I knew something was afoot. Greggery was standing alone in the pig yard, and Lou, their chicken buddy was raising a ruckus out there with him. I walked to the far side of the yard, and looked in the enclosure, and saw a little black piggie moving around near Lena.

Now those of you who know me, can most likely imagine my enthusiasm. The feeling of joy and excitement sent my heart to pounding. Here we are, well over two hours later, and I still can’t stop grinning like a fool. Now that much emotion was just too much for me to contain, and my body seemed to take over. Heart pounding, stupid silly grin on my face, my feet had a mind of their own, and took off at a sprint to the house.

Poor G-Man; he was in that state between sleep and waking, where you are somewhat aware of your surroundings, but could drift easily back into deep slumber. I came barreling in the house, still at a dead run, and all I could say was “We have piggies!”, “We have piggies!”. Okay, I admit, I might have been yelling it, to be honest I can’t remember, and that would pretty much be something I would do.  Poor man must have thought we were under attack; sat straight up in bed, and ready to defend me from whatever was after me. Upon realizing I was only squawking  about my new piggies, he fell somewhat relieved back onto the bed. I quickly said sorry for waking him up in such a manner. I gave him up as a poor audience, sprinted to the back of the house, and woke Gator in much the same manner. Gator sure is patient with his crazy mother! I grabbed my camera and went back out to try to get some pictures of my very first litter of pot belly piglets.

Lena is being a great momma, and Greggery a wonderful daddy. I couldn’t be prouder or happier! Fingers crossed they all survive and in six weeks’ time we will have six thriving babies ready to go to new homes!