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Hunter was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease about a year ago. He and his family have been struggling with all the ups and downs that come with the disease. There is hope for Hunter in the form of a bone marrow transplant. Hunter and his mother have traveled back and forth to the children’s hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio regularly for the last year. A matching donor has been found, and Hunter has struggled with chemotherapy, having 13 treatments within the last week. To put it as kindly as possible, he has been having a very rough time. Monday evening, at 5:00pm CST, Hunter’s cells will arrive at the hospital, and be blessed. I ask that each and every one of you take a moment at 5:00 pm CST on Monday, April 9th to say a prayer for little Hunter’s cells. Upon completion of his transplant, Hunter will have to stay in isolation, in a sterile, hospital environment for an extended period of time. His anticipated hospital stay from beginning to end is expected to be several months.

Samantha Ketchum, who is the secretary of the Student Council at Nowata High, has spearheaded a week-long campaign of events to raise money to help Hunter and his family with what you can only imagine will be astronomical medical bills, and expenses associated with his treatment. These kids have listened to their hearts, and are doing everything they possibly can to show Hunter not only their love, but that they do in fact “BELIEVE” that he can make it through this. Here are the flyers that have been plastered on every available space within miles of Nowata.

I ask that anyone reading this post who would like to help Hunter, please help me get the word out. He and his family need all the prayers and help they can possibly get. Whether you live close to Nowata or not, makes no difference whatsoever. Donations for Hunter and his family can be sent to Nowata High School, 707 West Osage, Nowata, OK 74048, checks made payable to NHS – STUCO with a note it is intended for Hunter. Even a minimal donation of $1.00 would show Hunter that WE BELIEVE.

Hunter, as can be expected is severely homesick, missing his siblings, friends, and family, and at this point just wants to come home. Unfortunately he still has a long, hard row to hoe before that will be possible. The smallest things could lift his spirits. Please feel free to send Hunter a card or note directly to the hospital, let us litter his room and walls with hopes and wishes of healing and lots of love. Mail can be sent to him directly at Hunter Billbe, ‎350 Erkenbreacher Ave Room # 28 Cincinnati, OH 45229.

If you read this post, and want to help Hunter, please repost this link everywhere you possibly can. Let the word spread far and wide.