For those of you who know my family, you know how we can be at times. For those of you who do not, well, let’s just say at times we tend to have a bit if a sense of humor. Some might even go so far as to say a bit twisted sense of humor. Needless to say, we always have a roaring good time, and can almost always depend on someone to come up with a great gut busting gift that leaves us all with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. When the rentals were here last month for Thanksgiving, we celebrated our Christmas together as opposed to apart.

From the time they arrived, Momma would tell us all that they found the perfect gift for Gator. She would just giggle and laugh about it and that would get us all going. With great anticipation we sat down to open gifts. When Gator picked up his first gift, Momma went to giggling, and we all knew this must be the perfect gift she had spoken of.

When he pulled it out of the package, we all burst into laughter.

I will spare you the comments that were flying around the room, though if you know us at all, I am sure you can imagine. I hadn’t seen Gator laugh so hard in a while.

What was it you ask? You can’t tell from the pictures? Well, Gator got himself a nice squishy boobie ball!

I will have to give a bit of background on the next gift. When the rentals were here in September, it seemed a couple of field mice made their way into the house. Daddy (aka Pops) had observed one running in and out of our live trap (so much for being humane.) He took one of our snap traps, and baited it all up with a nice little piece of bacon, complete with a pretty little green bow tying it to the trap. Said trap sat there for two months and was never even tripped.

G-Man decided it was only fitting Pops received his piece of art back to cherish forever.

Pops was wondering what it could be

He cracked up once he got it out of the box and could see what it was

He then showed it off to everyone, and at that point Momma burst into laughter.

He was amazed that it never caught the mouse in question. Said he had to be very careful with it, as it would snap really hard.

Then came the line we all knew would be coming… “You know this will be coming back to Nowata next year, right?”

The rest of the evening went pretty well, opening gifts, sharing laughs, being surprised, and very thankful. We all thought that maybe G-Man was going to make it out of this gift giving unscathed. Once the last gift in the room was opened, Pops brought out one final gift for G-Man. We all knew it was on at this point.

See, we have this thing for trying to out-do something from a previous year. Last year, G-Man sent Pops an old prosthetic leg that he had found in a dumpster a few years back. For a year we all thought that there was no way at all possible that Pops could do one better than that… Little did we know…

When G-Man pulled out his knife and was warned to be very careful, it was fragile, we all did not know what to think. Except of course for Momma and Pops, who were watching with bright eyes, trying not to laugh. G-Man said he was “giddy with anticipation”

What Christmas gift from Daddy isn’t complete without a CL Brothers box somewhere in the mix?

Now, Pops has a saying, what goes to Nowata, stays in Nowata. I think he insured this will never be sent back to Deltona. G-Man was thrilled!

I would say that Pops one-upped G-Man on this one. From my understanding he spent many hours working to make this into a leg lamp.

Complete with a crew sock and painted toenails, the lamp is truly a work of art. Now the game is on, and G-Man will be searching high and low in the coming year for something that could possibly top this!