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In the last week or so, we have had a veritable kid explosion on the farm.

First came the twins, via Harriet, on December 4th. We named them Nellie and Bandit. Nellie’s name has since been changed to Nels, as he is not a she like I first thought. In these pictures, they are nine days old. Nels is the light one, and Bandit is the one with a black mask over her eyes.

Then on the 7th, Cocoa delivered a little girl. She is six days old here.

On the 12th about mid day “B” had a little girl. Gator’s Girl named that little one Boots, for obvious reasons. She is One day old here.

The night of the 12th, Greedy Gretchen had her newest baby girl. She is not quite a day old here.

Today, the 13th, Pink had her first baby. A great big ole boy.

This is Pink

He is a Few hours old here.

Boots and Gretchen’s kid could be twins

Here are Cocoa’s girl and Pink’s boy resting in the A-frame shelter

You can definitely tell which babies are Bud’s. Now that the big billys are no longer an issue, the ole tripod goat seems to really be making his mark on the herd.