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Back in September, we obtained what we planned to make into our mobile chicken coop. G-Man posted it on his blog here http://ufoznbacon365.wordpress.com/2011/09/10/september-10th-2011/

Of course I wanted to paint it on up, which I did, and posted a photo on my 365 page here http://lanailens365.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/day-209-mobile-coop/

Needless to say, we got waylaid by numerous projects that took priority over the mobile coop. With the onset of colder weather, the coop became priority number one to insure the chickies had a nice warm place to avoid the weather.

This morning after our coffee, we set out to complete the mobile coop. The first thing we wanted to do, was cut the screen out of the window on one side, This allows me to lower the side door, and refill the water we plan to keep inside.

While I made handy with the box knife on the screen, G-Man made short work of removing the lower door on the other side which we plan for the chickens to use to gain entry and exit as they please.

The next step was to build roosts for the chickies to use at bedtime. Here are views from both sides of the trailer.

Next we hung a heat lamp for use on very cold nights, I just realized I did nto get a pic of that, sorry.

Then to figure out the placement for the waterer, hopefully far enough away from the roosts to keep it from being covered in poo.

Next to close it all up, and move into alignment with the covered dog pen. We wired the pen gate open, and plan to line the door up with the open gate.

Proper alignment was a bit trickier than we hoped, but with G-Man’s muscles, and a well placed jack he got it moved as close as we could possibly get it.

Add about half a bale of straw for bedding covering the entire floor area.

We placed a 1×6 across the opening for the door to help hold the straw in. this created a little shelf, or landing for the chickies to jump up onto before coming on inside.

The final step was to see if the chickens would even come into the mobile coop. One of the Others, a Rhode Island Red was the first to venture in, closely followed by Dotte.

What started out as a simple 6×8 open coop has grown into quite the compound. We will leave it like this until spring, when the great move will take place. For now, I think our chickies have quite the spread.

The chickens loitered around all day trying to figure out what the humans were up to now. On a final note, we took down all but 2 of the roosts in the dog pen, all twenty seven birds were making quite the ruckus trying to all fit on those 2 little roosts. Hopefully they will wise up soon and start using the place we put so much work into.