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Lil’ Bit is one of our favored goats. She is such a cute little thing.

She is a stubborn and head strong little one though, and if you don’t watch her like a hawk, she will inevitably sneak into the orchard every chance she gets. I guess to her the grass DOES look greener on the other side of the fence.

For a few weeks we sat out there with hose ready, and any time she tried to be scoot on inside the fence she got a face full of water. This week we thought we would try it without the garden hose vigil, and while she watches and tries to keep us in her sight, she still sneaks in when she thinks it will go unnoticed.

Once inside, she eats as quickly as possible, and to her credit I must say she does steer clear of the trees for the most part. Now, of course, I am not going to let her stay in there long enough to get real bold and decide to nibble on a tree. As soon as I head in there, and she notices I am indeed inside and might actually try to touch her, she frantically starts looking for her entrance/exit hole.

“Where is that durn hole? I know it’s over here somewhere! Why can I never find it when I need to make a quick escape?”She says. It’s just to your right, honey. You best hurry up or I will come over there and touch you.

Much like a dog, she picked up a stick and is bound and determined to make it out of the orchard safely with stick in tow.

“Oh here it is! If I hurry maybe the girl human won’t try to touch my butt. One day I will be able to stay in here and eat all that I want!”

Like a flash she was out. What I did not get pictures of was when I closed the gate on the orchard, and she was back in there in less than five minutes and we went through the whole thing again. Oh well, keeps me and her on our toes!