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With colder weather fast approaching, and the piggies quickly outgrowing their temporary hut, we set out to build them a nice new bedroom. We started with a base of an upcycled pallet thanks to a donation from TH Rogers here in town. We wanted to do the entire build out of reused materials, but did end up having to buy a couple sheets of plywood and a few 2×4’s.

This is a view from the front. They have a nice sized door to walk or should I say run through. In using the pallet, we were able to insure they have a nice dry floor to lay themselves down on.

A view from the front and right side. G-Man came up with the plan, and he did a wonderful job. He is the brains behind the entire project.

We built them walls inside in hopes of preventing drafts, and to keep them warmer in the cold months. With the addition of straw, they should have nice comfy sleeping quarters.

G-Man built the roof so that it nests down in the top and can be removed for cleaning days, or adding more straw for bedding. Once everything was said and done, he added some barn metal to the top to insure a nice dry hut.

I painted the exterior, and we used the handy dandy two-wheeler to move the pigs new digs into place. G-Man’s plans and measurements are perfect. It fit perfectly in place right where I wanted it.
Still using mistint paint, the exterior is a tannish color, and the roof is piggy pink. I plan to further “embellish” their digs, but with rain in the forecast that will be a picture for another day. Notice the bedroom is strategically taller than the covered run, or as I like to call it, the piggy lanai they have.

We used some rubber matting cut to fit over the door opening, in hopes of further reducing drafts and the wind blowing right on in. With Greggery being so wary of new changes, we were a bit concerned he would have nothing to do with the entire thing. His love for bread was the ticket, and after just a bit of coaxing he was up and in there happy as could be. Javelina has always been the brave one, and she of course ran right in, quite proud of herself.

A view from the outside of the piggy lanai with their new digs in place in the back. They took to it like a duck to water, I know I will definitely sleep better on the colder nights and not find myself worrying they are all shivery and cold.

The final shot I will leave you with today is one of the original temporary hut the piggies lived in. Their new digs are a veritable mansion!