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Of the Six Pack, Marty the Mustachioed One has remained in the house. Between the big dogs thinking he would make a tasty morsel, and him being somewhat of a home wrecker, there are times he has to be contained. He was living in the Devil Dog’s largest crate, but it just wasn’t enough room for him. We set out on an adventure to recycle random items we had on hand to create him his very own condo.

This is the result.

The view from the front. We used left over pieces of 2×2’s from the chicken yard for bracing, some gifted siding pieces for the walls and floor, left over plywood from our flooring project for the bottom floor, a grate from on old plastic dog kennel, random hinges and latches, casters on the bottom, and can’t forget leftover hardware cloth from the chicken bedroom we made.

Angled view from the front to show off the windows we made with the hardware cloth.

A view of the top level. The hole in the back is for getting into the lower level. Holes on the sides are for his food and water dishes.

G-Man came up with the ingenious plan to use the door from an old dog kennel, and made sure we had a way to easily open and close it with a couple of carefully drilled holes.

Using the grate as a template, and patiently cutting the door opening, the door is a perfect fit. Here is how it looks when it is open.

The lower level will be devoted to his litter box. The front panel is hinged at the bottom and hooks with a latch into the 2×2 also used for the bottom of the door frame. This is a view with the bottom door open.

Last view of the whole thing prior to painting. This was the time for me to work my magic with mis-tints.

All painted up and has been in use for almost 2 weeks now. I went with a beige sort of color for the exterior, and a pale sage sort of green for the interior. Marty seems to be loving it.

He can get to his food and water without knocking his bowls all over creation when he goes to playing and whatnot.

A better view of the top level, minus the kitty, so you can get a better view of how well the food and water dishes fit into the whole equation.

A final view of the front with doors open, and litter box in place. Overall I think the entire thing is wonderful, and is working out very well for us.