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Now, I know a good parent does not have a “favorite” when it comes to their kiddos… They should all be loved equally. The question I have is this… Does that apply to chickens as well? Because if so, then I must admit to the world at large, that I am a bad chicken momma if that is the case.

I have to confess, Maxine is my absolute favorite chicken I believe.

She just has such personality! From her feathered crown to her blue green legs, she is just perfect I believe.

With that crown of feathers, her eyesight is hindered. Which is understandable, but hey, I am just positive all the other girls in the yard are secretly jealous of her striking good looks.

As far as brains go, well, don’t tell her I said this, but she has been known to run the wall sections endlessly trying to get out, when right on the other side of the fence wide is open for them to free range. Not that any of them seem to have been endowed with much of that fabled genius gene.

When I go out to see them, Maxine is almost always the first one to come running to greet me. She will lift her little head back and crane her neck so that she can see under all that “hair”.

She follows me around the fence when I go out there, and if we have let them out to free range, if I walk past her for any reason and tell her to come on, she will run right along behind me. Sometimes I think she is ignoring me, and look back and there she is running with head feathers bouncing and waving.

Maxine will allow me the pleasure of picking her up and holding her for a bit. Though I have to say once she has had enough of being held she is done. In short, I do believe that this crazy chicken lady has completely fallen in love with Miss Maxine. I could care less if she ever even lays a single egg.