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True to form, Greedy Gretchen continues to suffer from HTF Syndrome. I really don’t think she will ever learn. To be honest, I have given it some good hard thought, and I do believe that we are, in fact enabling her little habit (heavy sigh). But what to do? Leave her hung up in the fence for hours on end to teach her a lesson? To me that is just not humane. At times, however, it cannot be helped. If we have to go to town, we make sure she is out of the fence when we leave. Generally stopping the truck on the way out of the drive to get her silly head out. Then stopping in the driveway on the way back to the house to get her unstuck, knowing full well she will be hung up in another section before we can even get in the house.

So begins my story. We had a photo shoot yesterday evening, and not ten minutes before we left, I released her from her self imposed fence collar. We were gone a little over three hours. When we pulled in the driveway, we had a little surprise waiting for us. Par for the course, she was hung up again, no big surprise there. The surprise was that she had increased the herd by another little girl!

Now I have to tell you, I felt really bad that she was all hung up in the fence, and had to go through labor that way, and to be honest I am not at all sure how she managed to get the baby so clean. But she is a good sized strong little girl, and was already standing and nursing when we got home.

You see… The last time Gretchen was pregnant and had a baby, she was also stuck in the fence, and unable to tend to her wee one. I happened to be home at the time, and did not realize she had dropped the baby. That baby did not make it, and I have blamed myself for its death ever since. I knew it was my fault. So I make the many daily treks out to the pen to help Gretchen with her little syndrome. Thus enabling her and probably encouraging her to continue with it. The weirdest thing about it all is that when we left the last two days I had this premonition and fear that she was going to get herself stuck again, and drop another baby. That we would come home to find the baby dead because she couldn’t tend it.

I am so glad and relieved that my psychic ability was only half on this time. Though I would have liked her to not have to go through the trauma of labor stuck in the fence.

But I must say, that Gretchen has had the most beautiful and striking little girl that I have seen born on the farm since I have been here. She is a beautiful, strong girl, and was already beginning to jump and bounce around last night. We have truly been blessed with Gretchen’s gorgeous girl!