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Everyone meet Donna, the bent toe rooster! He is the newest addition to the flock, introduced at bedtime last night. Donna was given to us by a neighbor, who until very recently was under the impression “he” was a “she”. Since they already had a known rooster, they did not want two, much less one who has bent toes.

We kind of figured that a bent toe rooster would fit in just fine out here on the farm, so were more than happy to accept him. Originally we thought we did not want a rooster, but hey, a bent toe rooster named Donna? Who in their right mind can refuse that?

A close up of Donna’s toes. This was most likely caused from him being kept in a chicken house with a wire base when he was just a wee one. Donna is about a month younger than the rest of the girls, and has been accepted into the flock. I think they were glad to see a man chicken.