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A couple weeks ago we noticed that Mycat went from pleasingly plump to much thinner overnight. We were sure she had her kittens, but could not, for the life of us get her to tell us where she had had them. We were fairly sure that she gave birth under the house, but heard no little mews giving us any indication of their presence. Two days prior to her sudden transformation, Pepper chomped down on a possum as it exited from under the house. When the G-Man went in search of said possum a little later, it had vanished. Thus the phrase “playin possum”. We were fairly sure that the kittens were still born, premature (Mycat never got really heavy), or had become a tasty treat for the possum.

This afternoon we were out working on preparations to plant Dusty’s Paw Paw trees, and we heard little mews coming from under the house. Finally Dusty found Mycat’s hiding place – in the insulation under the house. We were able to find four babies, and get them out.

Our original plan was to take all the babies and Mycat to her hut, and keep them all there. They had obviously grown enough to become more mobile, and were beginning to tumble out of the hole Mycat had found to use as her entrance and exit.

The hole was directly over a stack of four cinder blocks and we could still hear at least one more baby, and were almost positive there was that one, and possibly one more. We took the four we found over, and laid them on Mycat’s blanket from her hut. Mycat would not leave from under the house by the cinder blocks in question, and we could hear mewing still. After some ingenius investigation and use of a video camera on G-Man’s part, he determined one of the kittens had fallen down one of the holes in the stack of cinder blocks. After using a jack, a piece of fence post, and some serious muscle (I was on pins and needles and just had to walk away, it made me so nervous), another kitten was retrieved, it was the smallest one.

After all of that, it was only fitting that baby be named Cinder.

Boy howdy! Cinder was happy to be back with the rest of the litter. Mycat, however, did not at all like the fact that her babies were out in the open, and promptly picked up the black kitten by the head and took off back under the house with it.

At this point, we both agreed that was not the safest place for them. Not only was there the  worry of more falling down into cinder blocks, but of other wild animals getting them, in addition to the fact that Pepper kept going under the house no doubt to find them.

Sooo… What in the world do you think happened? Well, my man crawled up under the house, got himself covered in insulation, found Mycat & the black kitten and another one, bringing the total to six. So now what were we to do with them all? Just leave them to their own means, and if they survived great, and if not such is the way of life? Or keep the commitment we made to Mycat when we took her in to keep her safe as possible?

You guessed it! All six plus Momma now reside in the bathtub. I wonder if we will ever regain complete ownership of that thing?

Oh yeah, I ALMOST forgot… Here’s a bonus shot just for you Frank! Because I just know how much you love pics of cute little kittens!

For anyone interested, we will most likely have free kittens in about four to six weeks time.