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With the arrival of spring, we have been busy, busy, busy! Have accomplished quite a bit in the last few weeks. Got the garden started, and fence strung around it to keep the goats, and kiddos from eating all them good fresh veggies before they mature. 14 chickens in place in a new coop and run (already decided they need larger accommodations, so that will hopefully be a project in the very near future).

The painting is still a “work in progress”. Once the base coat was on, had to move on to other projects that needed to be done before the completion of my groovy little coop.

We also strung fence for the bottle babies and her royal highness Miss Fathead. We just completed it Saturday

Now, they say all work and no play is a bad thing, so we have made time for several treks through the woods in search of the elusive morel. Here are some of the things we found

The wild strawberries are in bloom. We found a surprisingly large number on one particular hill, which we dutifully dubbed “Strawberry Hill”.

Crossed a few fences… No worries tho, we didn’t break any trespassing laws.

Wild Violets are abundant and beautiful. These small little flowers hold a very special place in my heart, and always remind me of my Momma. (I took this pic with my phone, so apologize for the quality)

I think I am a regular old tick magnet. I have lost count how many of them little vampire bugs that succeeded in embedding themselves in my skin. One of which was actually dug in through an article of clothing. I have little reminders on each spot, though any that are larger than a seed tick seem to leave something like this behind.

Finally, the elusive Morel. This was my first year searching for and tasting them. I have to admit them are some good eats!

Throw a “new to him” tractor in for my man

And a random photo shoot into the mix

Then wrap the days up with some beautiful sunsets

And my world is complete!