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The kids are ready for spring! They romp all around the yard when they get out of the pen. King of the mountain is one of their favorite games, no matter what the mountain is comprised of

Spot on the right, Sam on the left. Sam is the newest addition to the farm.

Both are determined to be king of the trailer.

But Sam lost his footing on the slickery slanted surface & determined to leave victorious, Spot leapt off immediately after this & moved on to the next “mountain”.

Which would be a couple of pallets and some treated lumber we got for fence posts. Poor Sam keeps trying.

“Look at me! I AM King!”

“You will do well to remember that little Sam.” Again, wanting to leave the winner, Spot decided that he needed to eat some good greens after all the reigning over his kingdom.

Sam thinks he is king now. Of course no one to vie for the title. He doesn’t need a playmate to have fun

Off he leaps to head back across the yard

Back over to the trailer. Hard to keep your footing there little guy.

“Lookit me! I’m a BIG goat & keeping my footing is my business! See, I can even leap and jump around on on this slick ground. Do not doubt my ability girl human!”

Leaping is such fun!

“I can clear it!”

Back across the lumber

And onto the skids close to Momma. He doesn’t generally stray too far from Mom

And he’s off again!



Recovery! That was a close one!

“Wait… What’s this thing? Looks interesting!

“Oooohhh! It feels kind of weird'”

“Wow! This is cool! Not slick at all! Look ma!”

Watching the goats is a hoot. They definitely know how to have fun, and keep themselves occupied. This spring and summer should be quite fun. We have one more momma pregnant now, hopefully we will see a baby or two soon from her, then the fun will begin again.