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I have been looking and looking for a lime green purse for about a year now. I don’t so much believe in settling for less than exactly what I want, and just have not been able to find the right purse. Had a specific size and style in mind, and despite searching all over central Florida & everywhere I can find in northeast Oklahoma, can you believe I just could not find one that gave me the warm fuzzy feeling? Wait, don’t answer that! Those of you who really know me know how stubborn and picky I can be at times.

So, I decided that I would make my own purse, and set out on a mission to come up with the exact purse I had pictured in my mind. This is what I came up with, and I literally love it. It was my first attempt, and will serve me well as my lime green purse. I am working on another one that will be slightly different. While I love the purse, it seems I could make a couple of improvements to make it just a bit better.

I like a smallish purse. and one that I can wear sling-style across my body. If you know me at all, you realize how scatterbrained I can be at times &  if the purse is not attached to me in some fashion that I don’t have to actually carry or worry about, I will most likely be losing it somewhere. I am more about “wearing” the thing. For me, this is almost a necessity, as otherwise, I will take the thing off, place it in a cart or counter or somewhere & walk off and leave the durn thing there.

Just a simple rectangular purse, not too heavy & I made it out of cotton, so it will wash up nicely. I added the button to hold it closed. Gotta be nice & neat, after all, not hanging out all over the place.

I made it gusseted, as I like the idea of it actually having a bottom and sides, not just an envelope style. I also added what I think is a pretty neat edging on it that should hopefully help keep it from stretching too awful much as I use it. I am quite pleased with the end result, and had a lot of fun making it.

Another mission I have been on was to make a pair of slippers that had a padded sole, and didn’t have huge holes in them (my tootsies get too cold). I wanted a style that look like actual shoes or slippers, not just booties. I specifically was looking for something for a man, but in looking found a great pattern that had instructions for both men’s and women’s slippers. Here they are.

These are the men’s. I still need to add the cuff, but thought I would post the pic without, as they can be done either way.

The women’s of course. Yeah that’s my leg & freshly shaven, so don’t be lookin too close for stragglies! The slippers are extremely comfortable & keep the toes nice and toasty.

No ugly leg in this one. I like them with the cuff better, what do you think?

As you all know, Valentine’s Day was last week. It seems to me the true spirit of the day is lost with all the expensive gifts, dinners, flowers & whatnot. I chose to make my gift. Then the question became what, what, WHAT to make??? I wanted it to be something personal, and show that I actually put thought into it. While I knew it would not be much, I hoped that something homemade would not offend or disappoint. I racked my brain… Then it came to me…

A mushroom hunting bag! Dusty has been anxiously awaiting mushroom hunting time. The bad part of it was that he could not find his mushroom bag he used. He told me what it looked like & if I saw it anywhere to put it in a safe place for him. Well, needless to say I have not run across it yet, but I thought what better gift? So I came up with this for him.

A little closer look. I made it out of cotton, wanted the mesh style, and added a drawstring at the top so that no mushrooms can escape. I think I did OK, he seemed to really like it a lot.

My creativity seems to be running on high, so I am taking full advantage of the ideas popping into my head, and last Friday decided with my new purse I needed something to put my phone and iPod in to keep them from getting all scratched up in my fancy dancy new purse.

All tucked up nice & tight, no dusties or dirties gettin in there. I am quite pleased with it.

I made it with a little flap that I can tuck in the top.

Just another view. I made it to fit perfectly with a wool yarn & am quite pleased with the colors and the end result.

This is the iPod holder. I don’t take it like I do my phone, so left the fold over flap off. Might still add it, but so far am pretty happy with the finished product.