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Yesterday we finally made it out of our driveway, thanks to Gary! We were getting a little low on milk for the babies, feed for the goats, food for the big dogs & Mycat, then of course random fattening snacks sure to throw me into a tizzy over possible weight gain. I took the camera when we went to town, just in case I was properly inspired.

Once we made it to the highway, the roads were not bad at all. Though the clean up is still in full swing.

Working on moving the pile of snow out front of the feed store.

Now I would say that pooch has it made. It looks quite comfy sitting up there. But, hey, he’s just here to help his human.


We got home just as the snow really started in again. The snow was falling lazily, with very little wind. I figured what the heck, why not get more snow shots?

Here’s some snowflakes for ya to enjoy.

In case that wasn’t enough, here’s some more.I took these out the back door on the handrail.

Since there wasn’t much excitement going on around back, I decided to go the the front door and see could I find anything inspiring there. This is the point where the story gets a little interesting, so pay close attention.

Those of you who truly know me will most likely find this quite amusing, and think to themselves, “Only Stacy.” Those of you who don’t let me give you just a bit of insight. I am desperately clumsy, very random, quite the jokester, very sarcastic at times, and it never seems to fail, I seem to find myself in these weird situations at times & wonder “How the HECK did I manage that?”

Anyhow, I head to the front door and take a gander. Bout the only thing I saw right away that was even remotely exciting was the birds, twitterting around in the snow looking quite disgusted the humans had not refilled the feeders. Keep in mind that until the snow came they showed absolutely no interest whatsoever in them feeders. I thinks to myself, “OK then more birds it is.” I decide I need a different lens, shut the door, turn around and go to switch my lens out. It was about that time, I catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and hear a slight fluttering. Immediately I thought, “what the…” and then what had been a glimpse was now very easy to see.

A female crowned sparrow evidently thought if the humans weren’t gonna bring the seed to her, she’d go into the human’s nest and find her own. The silly thing was flying all over the kitchen and generally freaking out. The entire time I had that oh too familiar feeling of how did I manage to get myself into this situation. I had visions of places like Sams that have little birds in them all the time. Then I wondered now, how I am gonna explain a wild bird in the house to Dusty? I was thinking we have a regular little menagerie starting here.

She’s tellin me that she can see all her buddies right out there, but for some reason I keep hitting something!

Once I got past all my initial thoughts, I thought to myself. “You dummass, open the door back up and it might just fly right back out.” Then, ever the documentarian that I am, “NOOOO! Not until you get pics first, otherwise the story will not be as funny.” I know that visual aids help make any story better, after all.

So ever faithful to my passion, I started shooting away. She was working herself into quite a frenzy, and then she fell down here, I decided that was enough (the entire time was prolly less than 2 minutes). At that point, I started having visions of nice little bird droppings all over the place to clean up. That thought had me opening that door up in two seconds flat. As soon as she saw the light from the front door, she was up and out. Crisis averted.

What did I do then? Went right back to the front door and started taking more pictures,of course. I just tried to be more alert in case another little bird brain decided the human nest was the place to be.

The snow was actually very pretty falling, I need to get better at capturing it though I think.

No idea what they are looking at, but I think they are watching for the boy human to come back from town with seed to refill their feeders.


A new arrival, then I think the talking between them all started.

“OK, I’m here, where’s the seed?”

From across the driveway – “Looky here! A whole big old suet block, just chock full o’ nuts!” “Shhhhhhh! Hushit! The rest haven’t noticed yet.”

Back at the meeting place – “Well, they sure aren’t very patient. Maybe if I stare at it long enough seed will appear. I’m not really sure how these things work.”

“Hey buddy, I don’t think that is how it works.”

“Maybe if we all sit here something will happen.”

“Hrmmm, nothing yet.”

“How long you gonna sit here?”

“As long as it takes, patience, grasshoppa.”

“What I wouldn’t do for a grasshopper right now!”


“You silly birds, the humans have to give you seed! And this here is a goat farm, not a bird farm, which means us goats come first!”

“Stupid goats, think they rule the place! They don’t know. I am waiting here.”

“Dear, I think them goats might have a point.”

“Hush up Nancy & bring me some bread!”