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With all the blizzard warnings, and talk of this massive storm Monday, I have to admit I was quite nervous. I think I heard this was only the second or third time that they have even issued a blizzard warning for our area, and with predictions of record snowfalls. As I lay in bed unable to sleep that night, I came up with this idea to take pictures from the front and back door of the house every half hour today to show the storm’s progress. I figure, hey if this thing is going to be history, I might as well document it.

I won’t be posting ALL of them on here, but I did cherry pick a few to share.

This was the view at 8:00am

From the front door. No way was I gonna take the camera all the way outside in that snow and wind!

From the back door.


By 11:00am I was chilled clean through, and trying to warm up. Started piling on warm fuzzy socks, sweats, anything I could find. This was the view at that point.

From the front. The birds hit the feeders hard all day long. By 5:00 they were just about all drained. The birds were sure thankful for Dusty’s donation to them.

From the back. The wind howled all day and created tremendous drifts.


By 1:00pm I was just too chilled, had donned my insulated bibs and pig farmer coat. I just could not get warm no matter how I tried.

The snow came down all day long.

It might have been kind of pretty if the wind hadn’t been so bad.


Still going strong at 1:30pm

Drifts seem to be growing

Don’t think I will be going anywhere any time soon.


By 3:00pm I think we were into the “second wave”

My back steps are about 4-5 feet to the top step. Not sure how high the handrail measures.


I think the snow had pretty much stopped by 5:00pm. Hard to tell with the wind still blowing everything around so much. We went out to feed the goats, and I figured since I was already out in it might as well get some outside the house shots.

The front porch on the southern end. Drift much?

Fathead & Mycat’s shelter. Dusty had to dig a path to get over there to feed Fathead, the snow was about 4 feet tall here. Mycat took refuge under the house. I see a smiley face 🙂

The devil dog’s pen, show is at least 2-3 feet deep. He sunk like stone and wanted picked right back up. Yesterday was the first time in history there was no game of “chase” to get him out.

The sun did finally make an appearance just in time to set. It created a magnificent sun pillar that I tried desperately to catch. This was my best one.

I did finally get warm, but this stew sure helped to warm me up from the inside out! It was wonderful I must say.

Add some big fat rolls fresh out of the oven & we were set.

Thanks for sharing the day with me. Hope you enjoyed the historical blizzard of 2011.