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I tried to post this yesterday, but the internet foiled me, so am trying again today. Had a couple of 70 degree days Friday & Saturday, so we worked on garden pods. We figure if nothing else we will “will” spring here permanently.

I had not touched my camera all week, was completely uninspired, and had a few orders to work on. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I was inspired to shoot yesterday. Funny how some things present themselves at just the right time.

Dusty went to let the goats out to graze, since it was so nice, and there was the beginning of my inspiration.

We have 2 large round bales in the pen for them to munch on. Goats can be a very funny lot, they seem to be driven by food. Baby Bud thought he would get the best of the best without competition, and climbed up in between the bales into a hole that had been made. Not sure how long he stood there eating, but obviously long enough to make his belly too fat to get out. This is the scene that greeted us from the front of the pen. Man, he went to caterwauling when all the other goats ran out of that pen.

Of course this was just too funny for words, so I had to walk around the other side of the bales & get a good pic of his mug. Needless to say, he was NOT a happy camper, and telling everyone in earshot of his dismay.

He then looked right at me, as if to say, “Hey, girl human, look at the fix I got myself in. C’mon, help me get out of this mess.”

Then Dusty tried to help him help himself, by giving a few little pinches to his hind leg. At this point, he was really wriggling trying to get out. I think he was thinking, “Oh! Something’s getting my leg, my leg, my leg.” Then freedom was achieved. Though he was still a little disgruntled about the whole ordeal. It must not have scarred him, as he quickly found his way out of the pen and was off to find the rest of the herd.

Not long after that, I noticed that there seemed to be a pretty good sunset warming up.

One thing I love about shooting sunsets is that they change so dramatically as the sun disappears. Taking just one shot does not do it complete justice. I feel like I have to keep shooting away, to insure I do not miss that one spectacular shot.

I decided to play around with the horizon line a bit.

Then back to working on straight horizon (without having to straighten it). I have decided that unless it is just terrible, or completely called for I will not be straightening or cropping any more of my shots. I will work on better framing to begin with.

Very close to being out of my horizon line, I love the affect of the sun through the trees. The purple coloring, while beautiful makes me sad, as it is caused by one or maybe several of the many grass fires that popped up in the last couple of days.

Sun is still visible in the silhouette of the trees, purples are amazing, clouds look spectacular, and sky is quite blue. I just love sunsets here on the farm! Still playing with the horizon here. That seems to be a new thing I want to perfect.

Zoom in a bit, straighten the horizon, and get just a sliver of the sun that remains in my line of sight.

I can no longer see the sun, though it has not completely set on the world around me. Zoom back out, play with horizon, and get everything in the shot I see in my mind.

Change position, and horizontal skewing, still try to get everything in frame I envision. The shots were just better yesterday evening going to the right, instead of left I think.

Then back around front to let Tubby out of his pen for a while to romp and hopefully wear himself out. Got some cold wintry weather headed our way & not sure when it will be warm enough again to get him outside.

He is not a shy little thing by any means. You can see a nice shot of his bald little rump here. The hair is starting to grow back & is soft as velveteen.

He is fully convinced he is a lap goat, and if he can be, that is generally his favorite place to be. He loves climbing into your lap & sticking his little head right under your arm.

“OH! What’s that over there?” Poor little bald thing.

“Look at me! I’m in my favorite place!”

As with most kids, goat or human form, he cannot stay still very long at all. Gotta see what’s over there.

“OK, that wasn’t all that interesting, so I am back.”

I guess this kind of brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “walked all over”.

Then he got down, looked right at me, and at the words “Go see her, ” took off at a run over to clamber all over me. This ended the picture taking, as the first thing he did was try to mouth the lens cap in my hand. Then it was up on my lap, head up in my neck giving little nips to my neck and chin (goat teeth HURT in case you wondered). Then it was head under the arm, and starting to go down my jacket sleeve. Hard not to get attached to the little bugger. I guess I’ll just keep him.