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Got a few inches of snow on the farm this week. Good thing Mycat has a nice warm weatherproof place to wait it out

I went out first thing in the morning Thursday to get some pics of the birdies before the snow got all tramped through and mucked all up.

The snow was still flying, and that wind was bitter cold. I walked around the house so as not to disturb the birds and scare them away. No way was I gonna have the patience to wait for them to decide to come back.

Man! Them cardinals really stand out against a stark white background. I admit, I was mesmerized.

He was determined to get as many seeds as possible, even if the wind was about to blow him over.

I never have seen as many cardinals in one place at one time as here on the farm. I just love the colors.

Munchin away

As I froze almost to death getting all these shots, I decided that we really need to figure out a way to get such great shots from somewhere warmer.

There was enough seed spread out for all the little birdies, not just the cardinals.

They were all eager to fill their little bellies in hopes of keeping warm

They did not touch the feeders at all for what seemed like weeks, but soon as it turned cold and snowy, they drained them puppies pretty quick.

It was funny watching them trying to do the “balancing act” in the midst of the bitter wind.

This smart fellow seems to have figured it out

For some unknown reason I really love this shot, not exactly sure why. There are so many things wrong with it, but still I am always drawn back to this one.

Found him a perch for a few minutes. At this point I was literally about frozen clean through.

Ok, so I know I am posting a lot of photos, but hey, I froze to get them all, so shush it & enjoy them.

The last shot I took that day. I was chilled to the bone. But man! It was worth it to get all these shots!

This morning, when we went to the feed store we got more bird feed, refilled all the feeders & spread them a good amount on the ground. As soon as we let the goats out, they of course went right for it. After letting them fill their bellies & putting them up for the night, we decided to try to get some more shots. The little birdies were just starting to flock in, when a truck drove by. All the little birdies scattered, and that’s all she wrote. I got this shot of a male & female in the brush.

Determined to get something at least, I thought this water droplet was kind of cool.

Hrmmmmm…. I wonder what he’s taking a picture of???

The last shot I got today. He was flying off to the deeper brush. One day I will get a really great shot of one in flight.

Thanks for stopping by… I hope you are warm and cozy as you look at this. It was definitely worth the nearly frozen fingers and toes!