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I wanted to get out earlier in the day yesterday and get some pics of all the birds hanging out on the farm. I tell ya, them birds are some skittery animals. I was able to get a few shots I thought I would share.

We have two, count them two bird feeders set up in the trees right out front of the house in great view of the kitchen window. Yesterday not a single bird on them, they all opted to clean up the grain the goats missed.

Cardinals are beautiful any day of the week, but with a background of snow, they just seem so much more vibrant.

The females are even more colorful. I think she is angry with him and giving him the cold shoulder, oh I mean wing here.

I am pretty sure she is flying off in anger right now, because she thinks he is flirting with this hot little number.

He is not phased by her abrupt departure, not one little bit. More interested in finding more to eat.

These guys live in the brush pile in the field across from the goat pen. They look cold, huh? I think at this point, my fingers were almost frozen.

One more quick check on the goaties, then I was headed in to the warmth. Trying to stay warm in the shelter. They are all lookin as if saying “hey, girl human, where’s them feed buckets?”

Seems one thing is a constant with goats, and that is the desire to eat, no matter how cold. All hunched up in the bitter wind, but man that hay is good! A big ole bucket of feed would be better, but hey, they will take what they can get when they can get it.

Black Momma is one of the more dominant females, and was eating with the “big boys”. She’s actually pretty friendly, but no goat best get in her way when it comes to feeding time, else they will get a good swift butt!

Back in to the warmth to check on the baby. He has really grown & is almost a month old. He has perfected climbing all over the tub, and made his way to the floor once. I think he just fell that time, because he doesn’t seem to be able to figure it out again, so far at least. He is also very good at looking you straight in the eye int he mirror reflection. That tubby is one smart puppy, I tell you!

This is normally the scene that greets me when I open the door, him standing up in the corner, looking so proud of himself.

How can you not fall in love with that cute little face?

There he is looking at me in the mirror again.

On his perch, his favorite place when he wants to play. He’s a talkin to me wonderin where that bottle is. Normally I would not post pics that have poo in them. Hey everyone knows he’s gonna poo! No way to house train a goat, they go when and wherever they want. Thing about this poo is yesterday was the first time he pooed perfect little pellets. We have been worried about that until yesterday.

Off to the kitchen to make some more baby milk, gotta keep that kid fat and happy

Then back to the bathroom, and if he is not up on his perch, this is the scene that greets me, him standing up on the side of the tub bleating away. “Where’s that bottle?!”

“Oh oh! I see it! You have it! Hurry up then, bring it here!”

“I’m starving here! HURRRRYYYY!!!”