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I love the country life, but I will say one thing about living on the farm is that the cleaning never seems to stop. It is inevitable that dust, dirt, and hay inevitably make their way into the house on a daily basis. Throw three dogs and a goat in the tub in the mix, and the floors sure take their share of abuse. Soooo, true to form, I decided the carpet needed a good cleaning. Always thinking (or maybe trying to justify) I decided rather than renting a commercial carpet cleaner, and feeling rushed through the job, that it would be more cost effective to purchase a carpet cleaner. The justification part comes in that I rationalized I could use the thing as often as I choose, and after 2-3 uses we would be money ahead. As with pretty much anything I decide to purchase I did extensive research, and checked as many reviews as I could stomach. Ultimately I decided on the least expensive model, which surprisingly had the best reviews overall. I looked at the box all weekend, just sitting there beckoning me.

I guess there are many who would call me a “weird duck”, in that things such as a new carpet cleaner give me such feelings of elation. I can only imagine it would be the equivalent to a man getting a new power tool, or a child a fancy dancy new electonic-type toy.

As soon as I was alone this morning, I pulled that piece of steamy, cleaning technology out of the box, and carefully following the set up instructions had it assembled in less than 20 minutes. Soon, I was ready to put it to the test.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the job it did. Almost like magic spots disappeared, and dirt and dust were inexplicably uprooted from their carpet home. I’m sorry little dirties & dusties! There is no permanent home for you here, we banish you back to the outside whence you came! There is something about feeling like you made a difference in something, even if it is as simple as making a carpet a little cleaner than it was before you started. It’s so easy to overlook or brush off the sense of accomplishment on such simple tasks. I think everyone should take the time to enjoy those moments, each and every one of them, no matter what they are for each person. Silently pat yourself on the back for the difference you have made, no matter how simple. Something very small can affect so many people’s lives, whether directly or indirectly, and hopefully, hopefully make it just a bit better.

After cleaning the living room floor, which took pretty much all day, I decided to venture out into the great outdoors and experience the first real snow of the year. The carpet was still slightly damp, so I had to kill some time before moving everything back in. Taking pics seemed like so much better an idea than cleaning the kitchen or getting dinner started!

Snowflakes up close and personal

It’s true! No two are alike. I remember making paper snowflakes with folded paper & scissors in second grade in Miss Comstock’s class. She would tell us to cut them however we liked, we could not mess them up, as no two were ever the same. It was a comforting thought then, and even more amazing to me now I think. Truly some of God’s finest work! Also equally amazing the random things from childhood we retain and take with us throughout life.


It was not a heavy snow we got, just that lazy fat, quiet snow that falls onto objects really still too warm to allow too much to pile up. This is the view directly out the front door.

When I am in “picture mode” the entire world is a vision to me through the lens. Things otherwise overlooked are suddenly there to behold, and when the scene speaks to me as this one did, all is right in my world.

I really think the capturing of an image otherwise somewhat mundane and seeing something I think is spectacular is quite possibly the best feeling ever. Not to mention I do seem to be a sucker for them bokeh shots!

This old tree down by the road looks eerie, creepy, weathered and beautiful all at the same time. The snow is the perfect addition, not too much, not too little, just right in my opinion.

A wider shot of the weathered tree with the others by the road, our barrier to the outside world. I like it. I have been working on my horizon line in my shots. I admit, I have to straighten a fair number. I have seriously been thinking hard about the entire horizontal line thing, and think I will be trying something new if I can pull it off. I guess you will have to watch my posts to see if I succeed. Until then, this is it for now… Hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did!