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Been letting the goats out for an hour or so each afternoon. Goats seem to think they are in a state of starvation all the time, no matter how much they have eaten. Every time I go outside whether they are in or out, they are all convinced my soul purpose for being out there is to bring them a nice big bucket of feed. Yesterday I got a call to check out the planes headed my way, and out I went with the camera. Needless to say, here came the goats.


They are wondering what is up.Where’s the feed bucket?


Oh they are giving me the eye. Can’t find that bucket anywhere.



My first shot of the planes. Still a ways off.


A little closer. A little practice with the smoke release I think.


A little closer still. Then I spied something to the left that made me think maybe I could get a decent perspective.


I thought a shot right over the new moon might turn out kind of nice, if I could time it all just right, and everything showed the way I wanted it to in the photo


I think it turned out pretty well.


Then they were over and past the moon.


Off they went to the east, and took my photo opportunity with them leaving nothing but a trail of smoke.


The goats, in the meantime, gave me up for a bad job, and headed out front to eat until we actually brought the buckets out to put them back in the pen.