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OK, I know this is weird, but I really do enjoy washing dishes by hand. I love to stand at the kitchen sink and look out the window and enjoy the outside while doing my chore. It has been so cold recently that it is almost as good as being outside without freezing my patootie off…

This morning I was washing up some dishes after making the baby more milk, and as I glanced out the window, I immediately thought to myself, “Now which goat is that & how did it get out?” The animal was grazing right out by the brush, and had it’s head down. I continued to look and quickly realized it was a deer. I glanced a little to the right and there was a second.

Then I thought they were some awful brave deer, what with the dogs and all, and remembered they were all three snoozing away, oblivious to the visitors basically right out the front door. I rushed over to get my camera, and briefly considered opening the door, but thought that too risky. I decided to see what kind of shots I could get through the kitchen window. Here is the sight that greeted me.

The quality through the kitchen window  isn’t the best, but maybe if I cleaned it that would help, huh? The deer on the left will be further referenced to as One and on the right as Two.

One, “I feel like someone is watching us.”

Two, “Oh quit your worrying! Let’s eat!”

One, “Fine! Eat it is!”

Two, “Wait, now I feel it too, we are being watched.”

One, “Come on! Like you said, quit your worrying and eat!”

Two, “No, you were right I feel it.Who or what is it? Where are they?”

At this point I got real brave, and thought that if I could real quiet get the door open and let sleeping dogs lie, maybe, just maybe I could get a shot from the front door.

Two, “Look! I think there is a human over there watching us”

One, “Wha? Where?”

I stepped out on the front porch.

One, “Where? I see no human.”

Two, “Right over there, look.”

One, “Where?”

Two, “Don’t look at me idiot! It is a girl human right there with a weird black growth on its face. What the HECK?”

One, “Oh THERE! I see it now! What is wrong with it?”

Two, “I dunno, but it looks creepy, I can’t stop staring!”

One, “I know, I can’t stop either. I feel like a deer in headlights. Bwahahaha! Get it?”

Two, “Just like you to make a joke at a time like this! Wait! It is moving! What do we do now?”

One, “You idiot! Look at the mess you got us in! I told you this was not a good place to eat! If it seems to good to be true it IS!”

Two, “Says the one standing right out in the open! Maybe if we stand real still the human will go back in its den. Wow, I didn’t realize how close the den was.”


At this point, I stepped down onto the top step of the porch to see could I get a better shot.

Two, “RUN! SCATTER! You go that way, I go this!”

Two, “I’m in the brush! Think I am safe!”

One, “GREAT for you! Why’d you tell me to go right out into the open? Holy heck! Look what you got us into!”

Two, “Run for the brush idiot!”

One, “Finally! I am in the brush! Never, never again will I let you talk me into such foolery!”

And then they were gone. Or at least hidden well enough I could no longer see them.

And that, boys & girls is your deer story for today! Hope you enjoyed it!