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Late this morning, I was in the kitchen doin my chores, and up pulls a car in the drive honking the horn like crazy. I went out to see what the commotion was, as we very seldom have unannounced visitors. Usually just those that feel the need to “save my soul”. Today, however, it was one of the neighbors who asked had I noticed the fire. Since I could not see the smoke or the fire at that time out the kitchen window, I was completely shocked to look to the south (I am slowly learning my directions, at least from the house)  and see a sky full of smoke. Evidently with the dry weather, and the high winds, the fire was spreading hard and fast.

Dusty rushed home and we did what we could with the hose, let the goats out, put Gus, crate & all in the back of the truck, shoved tubby in the crate with him, and packed up a few things to get us by if the worst happened. I have to ask – How exactly does one decide the most important belongings to save? Family heirlooms? Electronics? Clothes? I opted for clothes, boots, warm coats, etc, while Dusty grabbed laptops, external hard drives, and other electronic items that we of course could not live without. We were packed and as ready to go as we were going to be, ready to leave at a moment’s notice if the flames burst through the brush behind the house. The firemen were working at a frantic pace, and we saw that departments from several surrounding communities had made the trek to help get the blaze under control.  Once we were fairly confident the place was safe, we of course had to take out and see could we get any good shots.

Here are a few –

It appears the fire started due to a discarded cigarette butt at a crossroads… a shame, as the fire spread unhindered across the pastures and fields very quickly, leaving nothing but a large swath of charred land in it’s wake. A huge collection of round hay bales still burns in the distance. Our place is just beyond the hay bales a bit.

Amazing this home was not taken completely. The fire burned right up to the house. Thank goodness for the quick thinking of the reporter, as well as the fire departments involved.

A closer shot

Another view… It was otherwise a really pretty day outside, just look at that sky!

Had that hay been allowed to go full out, I fear the fire could not have been stopped before several families lost their home.

Trying to insure everything was well soaked, to prevent flare ups from smoldering ashes. Special thank once again to all the firefighters who helped save our properties today!

***Dusty had told me before leaving for work that he was going to come home for lunch & start the smoker goin and throw some ribs on it for dinner tonight. I have to say I told him that sounded great at the time, but this was just ridiculous!

We decided some baked goodies were in order for all the hard work the NFD put forth on all our accounts today, so I spent the afternoon unpacking what I had previously packed, and made up cookie dough to bake up a bunch of goodies to take to show our thanks. Over four hours later & the hay is still smoking as seen from the house. That was sure a lot of hay! I am just glad that all the cattle seemed to have made it ok. Though I heard that all the excitement might have thrown a heifer into labor, and hopefully a nice new addition is safe & sound to the south of us.

After checking the animals, feeding Tubby, and taking Gus out to his pen while I was outside, I noticed the makings of a great sunset off to the west.

Tubby spent the afternoon in his new outside pen that Dusty made for him yesterday. Just like a “big goat”. He wanted Gus in there with him I think. He is still licking his chops and has milk mouth from his bottle

Gus however, was bouncing off the walls of his pen in true Devil Dog fashion… So I decided to let him out for a bit, while I was outside. I have been doing this recently, and up until today he was pretty good about staying on the property. Today however, the little poop decided to head straight down the drive to the road, and headed towards the closest neighbor’s house. Not a wise decision, as I am sure the mastiff would like a little Pomeranian to chase. he was pulling the I am gonna stay just enough ahead of you that you cannot catch me game. Thank goodness Dusty came down the road just before he reached the corner and stopped and helped me get him. Boy did he know he was in trouble. We hitched a ride back to the house (I admit I had a mental image of the scene in Marley & Me where the dog ran beside the car all the way & if I had had the lead with me, he would have walked his butt home!) Needless to say, he is once again confined to the pen if he cannot be trusted.

Lucky for him that he did not cause me to miss the sunset in it’s full blazing glory. I think it was a fitting end to a fire-filled day of excitement!

I just love this shot for some reason.. it is nothing but an old t-post, but I tried to capture the colors of the sunset in the background & like the bokeh and the effect in general.