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I have very mixed feelings about giving up the attempt to continue my Project 365. I will admit, there were some days that I was in no way whatsoever inspired to look for something to shoot, much less the actual act of getting a nice shot. Those days are the reason I decided that I will not continue it at this time. I will  keep making posts on here, but am making no promises as to when, or how often.  I enjoyed doing the Project 365, in that it made me more aware of my surroundings, and finding the beauty in even the most inane subjects. I do think that the attempt to take and post a picture each day did improve my skill level, though I know I still have a ways to go. I am just being realistic and have to admit that we have a lot planned that will keep us busy all day a lot of days in the year to come, and I know there is no way I will get a picture posted each day.

With that being said.. I will post the pics from our adventure yesterday afternoon.

Being cooped up in the house for the past few weeks getting ready for the holidays was getting to me a bit, so I was elated when Dusty asked if I would like to go to an old cemetery not too far away…

I love love love to visit and shoot old cemeteries, and especially like to get out there after dark. Yesterday we went right before sunset. The disrespect some people choose to show by knocking over or vandalizing the ancient headstones is heartbreaking at times. Karma is a bitch though and sooner or later it will come back on them one day!

This tree seemed old and gnarled, full of stickery things and vines, almost as if to guard the eroded headstone that I am sure once stood independently below the tree, but due to the stupidity of others, and time in general now stands propped against the base of the tree, no longer legible.

A child’s grave marker, a little weathered, and the head of the lamb has been long broken off… But I liked the perspective of this shot, so I thought I would share.

Another view.. I guess this one spoke to me. I couldn’t figure out which shot I liked best.

Kind of daunting, huh?

Another broken stone beneath a tree. I cannot seem to get enough when it comes to cemetery shots. Such history, and the stories I wished I could hear.

We went over to look at the “bathtub” rock, and to see several old large stones that the kids used to go out and carve their names in way back when. I hear tell there is a rock over there signed by one of the Dalton boys who courted a young lady in this area. I am anxious to find it and try to shoot it one day. If I can’t get a good shot to at least see it. I love stuff like that. History sitting right there that few people know of. I liked the way the tall grass looked in the evening sun.