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This is the spider that has been tormenting me… I have no idea how he lost 3 legs… But that just enforces the fact that he is a “Super Spider”, and cannot be killed… I have no idea where he went after this, (I used my long lens so was far enough away I didn’t puke) but hope he decides to stay hidden for a good long while… I know some people might think it is silly to be so frightened of a “handicapped” spider…. To me it doesn’t matter, it’s still a spider, and regardless of size or degree of wholeness, they ALL scare the bejeezuz out of me. That will not change, but at least I have mastered my fear enough to try to live in harmony with this wolf spider… Inside my head I know he cannot hurt me… That still does not change the fear that courses through me when I see him… Or any spider for that matter!