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Channel 13 Central Florida News helicopter hovering over the Lanai filming the events unfolding….

It seems the gentleman who lived at the corner of Otis & Greynolds, just a few doors down from us, came out of his house this morning, with 2 guns, and got in his truck and drove a block down Otis to Bond. He pulled into the yard, got out of his truck, walked over to his ex-girlfriend’s car and shot her. Her husband came out as he heard the gunshots, and he was shot and killed on the stoop. The guy then turned the gun on himself as he stood beside her car & shot himself in the head. He was rushed to the hospital, but pronounced DOA.

Sheriff taping off the house at Otis & Greynolds Streets

The ex-girlfriend’s car… gunshot holes in the car itself, & place markers for shell casings can be seen on the other side of the car.

All the news crews vehicles lined up and ready to go crime scene at Otis & Bond taped off in front of news crews

The road is blocked, his truck is visible in the background in front of the Sheriff’s vehicle

Channel Fox35 News Keith Landry is  live on the scene


Deputy Maxwell completes an Incident Report.