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The cabinets Daddy built are all installed, this is the view from center front of the doorway looking in… the lights are installed above the sink & look great! We are ready for the “Finish Carpenter” to come in.. Oh yeah.. that’s Daddy too…  Phenomenal job, Daddy!

Left side of doorway… Daddy worked so hard on it all I just have to show all possible views… He did a beautiful job… Never could have gotten such custom work anywhere else!

Right side of cabinets above the sink & dishwasher! They are just gonna be great… shelves will be installed soon & we will be in business!

View from the right side of the doorway, The corner cabinet now has the lazy susans installed, and the upper spice rack is in position… Daddy also got the microwave back in place above the stove. Again, I cannot begin to say how wonderful of a job Daddy has done!

View of the left side of the Kitchen… the refrigerator surround has been installed, and the cabinet above. Truly a beautiful kitchen!  Once all the finish work is done, shelves will be installed then we will be ready to order the doors… Once the doors are installed we will decide on the floors and the back-splash, which both look to be tile at this point.  Again… Daddy has done a wonderful job custom finishing this kitchen & it is absolutely gorgeous so far! One last note… Zack helped carry the majority of the cabinets in from the garage, and helped Daddy get them properly leveled and installed… Thanks Zack!!!