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New pineapples have sprouted! We have three right now. There has been quite the competition between Zack & Daddy as to who would see the pineapples first… Each one of them checking the plants daily, both bound and determined to be the first to see them.  Well, Needless to say, Daddy saw the first two, of which the above is one, on April 2, and the third one on April 6, all before Zack saw them. Now the contest is on for the remaining plants we have. It’s really quite funny to listen tot hem go back and forth over it all.

To grow a pineapple, you cut the top off of the fresh pineapple, plant it in dirt, give it lots of sunshine and water, keep it from frost or freezing, and in approximately two years the baby pineapple will sprout out. Once the baby sprouts, be sure to keep it away from critters such as squirrels, possums, coons and the like, as they find them quite a tempting treat, as my sister-in-law discovered with her first one (Daddy made sure to move the three into the lanai as soon as they sprouted). Nothing worse than waiting 2 years for something to happen, then have a critter pilfer your prize when your back is turned! Once your pineapple reaches maturity, be sure to leave the plant in tact, as it is possible to get more than one pineapple from a single plant. I will post pics to show the progress of growth on this particular plant over the following weeks.