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Daddy was eager to pick up the doors, drawer fronts & drawers from Eagle Bay Wood Products, located in Oviedo last night. They did a wonderful job on the custom order. I have posted more pics today out of respect for Momma & Daddy’s hard work all day long. i was put on water & laundry duty!

Momma stained and put the first coat of finish on a few of the drawer fronts and doors today, she ran out of room in the “finishing area”.

Daddy installed drawers literally ALL day long… The drawers are made of oak. Top drawer is designated partial “junk” and not sure what else.

Second drawer is for the smaller pans, will be so nice to have easy access to them.

Bottom drawer is for the large pans… Daddy sure did a good job of measuring to insure we got the perfect drawer size!

New silverware drawer, and relocated to other side of kitchen… What I didn’t post is the pic of the one drawer that they made the wrong size. Daddy adapted, and modified the planned opening, and made it work… I knew he would make it work, Daddy never fails!

On a side note… Daddy did a great job today… I heard the “Eddings Grunt” many times throughout the day. Every time he was asked if he needed help, he said no… I have such respect for him, and will say it now… Daddy YOU are my HERO!