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Day 7 of the Kitchen remodel… Nothing like customization! Daddy is doing a WONDERFUL Job!!!

The trash can will not longer be visible, thanks to Daddy’s ingenuity with this pull-out he found, and reworking the cabinet that was here. The baking pans have dividers between them to keep them from falling over when one is pulled out… Thank You Daddy for making things so user friendly!

A good shot of the pull-out shelves on one side of the kitchen & under the sink area… The large shelves will hold up to 100 pounds, enabling Momma to put her Margaritaville machine, mixer, and other items on this shelf to get them off the counter top… Love decluttering! The raised pull-out shelf in the back corner will be utilized for larger pots & seldom used items, nice and neat and out of the way! YAY!

Daddy sure did his research on these shelves… they extend 100%, enabling the shelf in the back corner to extend into the open space behind the fully extended shelf with the mixer, etc on it.

This shot also gives good idea of the difference in the finishes… the drawer is what was originally in the kitchen, the rest is the oak that Daddy has “wrapped” the cabinets in and Momma has worked very hard on staining… I think it looks Bee-U-tee-full!!!

More pull-out shelves for under the sink. it will be so easy to get cleaning stuff, etc out of the cabinets now… just pull the shelf out & there they are! However, notice the plumbing underneath the sink… All had to be reworked to allow for the clearance required by the pull-out units… Not only is Daddy a great carpenter… He is also a great plumber, not to mention teacher!