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Manta at Sea World in Orlando, Florida is quite possibly the most fun roller coaster I have ever ridden…. I love the suspended feeling of “flying”!

The roller coaster has 3,359 feet (1,024 m) of track, and reaches a height of 140 feet (43 m). It includes four inversions and reaches speeds in excess of 56 mph. Statistically, this makes Manta the second-longest, tallest and fastest flying roller coaster in the world.

Manta begins as the roller coaster train departs the station and climbs the 140-foot-tall lift hill. At the peak, the train dives down towards the right and then swoops upward, prior to entering the 98-foot-tall pretzel loop. The train dives head-first to the ground and then climbs back to the top of the element. It next takes a U-turn to the left through the pretzel loop, after which it encounters a counter-clockwise in-line twist. As Manta exits the twist, it enters a 270-degree downward helix to the right, passing close to the ground below and crossing through the pretzel loop a second time as it enters its first corkscrew. After the corkscrew, the train climbs up above the station’s return track and reaches the mid-course brake run.

Manta enters the second part of the course by diving down towards a lagoon near the theme park entrance, banking to the right as it approaches. The wings of the lead car appear to skim the surface, kicking up a splash of water (created instead by timed water jets). The train rises, still banked to the right, before diving again, this time towards a waterfall as it continues turning to the right. After missing the waterfall by inches, Manta then enters its final inversion, a second corkscrew, prior to a final U-turn leading to the final brake run and the return to the station.

Bonus Pic! 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Just too cool not to share! I’d drive it in a minute!