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Some pretty choice Netted Olives that we found on the beach at Lover’s Key, on the Gulf Side. Olives are probably one of my favorite shells, especially if you can find them in the condition these are… This is how we found them, no additional polishing was done on them. I think they are quite beautiful. We have the shells in apothecary jars on the Lanai, so that we can see and enjoy them year round.

Olive Shells have been used since prehistoric times for jewelry & ornamentation.

Olive Shells are small, but the animals that live inside them are relatively large. When extended, the snail’s mantle may cover the entire shell, keeping it smooth and shiny. Microscopic tubes in the mantle secrete a dye that makes the patterns on each shell. Each snail has its own pattern: each individual has slight variations in color and design that distinguishes it from others of its own kind.

Olive snails eat worms, bivalves, and crabs. An olive snail uses its large foot to grab its prey and pull it down into the sand and feed on it