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The thing is that I was convinced that this Croton was dead… and kept thinkin to myself, “why keep such an ugly dead plant?”,  But Daddy told me that it would bounce back, that it would be just fine… and Lo and Behold, I find a new leaf on it today, with a new bud starting for more. Daddy was right after all… Why did I ever doubt him???

This made me realize that while in my opinion life has dealt me a pretty crappy hand of late, and while it may seem like the worst thing possible, that I just have to have hope and faith that it will all work out in the end. While I may be convinced that certain aspects of my life are dead and withered, and have no chance of surviving, if I just hold onto hope that it will indeed bounce back, and possibly be more beautiful and stronger than ever before… So for today, this time right now… I choose to hold onto the hope I have in my heart, that everything will bounce back & be all right. Much like this Croton that refused to give up after so many freezes this year.

I just hope that I am right about this! LOL