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The Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter capable of land or sea-based operations. The primary missions are close air support. air to air combat, convoy escort, armed and visual reconnaissance during both day & night operations. It was developed for use in Vietnam and is still in use today by the US Marines and several foreign nations


Chin Mounted M-197, 3 Barreled 20mm Cannon, Hellfire ATGM’s, 18 shot 70mm Rocket Pods, 127mm Zuni Rockets, Clustermuntion Napalm, AIM9 and Stinger IR


Length – 58 feet

Width – 10 Feet 7 Inches

Height – 14 Feet 2 Inches

Weight Empty – 10,200 Pounds

Maximum Weight – 14,750 Pounds

Speed – 175 mph

Range – 395 Miles