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The Rock Island Arsenal Company began development of the M101 A1 105mm Howitzer in 1919. The production of the Howitzer was discontinued in 1953. By then more than 10,202 Howitzers had been Produced. The use of the Howitzer did not end until the mid 1980’s. Operation of the Howitzer took a crew of 8.


Light weight, Dependable, Fast Rate of Fire, Ideal for Light Infantry Forces, Recoil Mechanism prevents Shock, Continuous Trigger Mechanism, Trigger Activated by Pulling a Lanyard


Manufacturer: Rock Island Arsenal

Length: 19.5 Feet

Width: 7.25 Feet

Height: 5.66 Feet

Weight: 4,980 Pounds

Bore Diameter: 105mm

Max Effective Range: 6.99 Miles

Max Rate of Fire: 10 Rounds Per Minute

Sustained Rate of Fire: 3 Rounds Per Minute

Replacement: $198,341