Meet the Bragg-Suttons!


A year ago I was asked to shoot the wedding of a couple of very dear friends. I was humbled, and honored to be allowed to help preserve memories of their wonderful day.

Friends and family gathered to celebrate the union.


The ceremony was touching and beautiful.


Time to cut the cake and celebrate with a toast!

Make it official with appropriate paperwork


The family is now officially complete!


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Jason and David! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your memories! I wish you decades of happiness!



Grandma Knew…


Grandma’s words from years before came back to me in a rush as it all started on the Lanai, reconnecting after twenty some odd years with an old friend from my senior year of high school. For over twenty years, our lives had taken us in different directions. Me to other states, school, work, marriage, children, and a not so happy life for many years. My kids kept me going, grounded me, and held me in place trying to insure their happiness and well being. Him pretty much the same but closer to his family and friends here where we graduated.

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Robyn’s Last Prom

I have been honored to have had the opportunity to shoot each and every Prom for Robyn. She has sure grown into a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. I am proud to know her and call her my friend.


This is my favorite shot of the day. I don’t exactly know why it speaks to me so much. Maybe it is the symbolism I feel it represents. She standing there in her beautiful dress, almost as if putting a part of her childhood behind her, while younger brother romps in the yard with the newest addition to the family.

I thought I would share by favorite shots. Special thanks to Michael, Charlotte and Robyn for allowing me to be part of these wonderful memories. Continue reading

My Beautiful New Kitchen


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Let me tell you right now, that I am truly blessed! G-Man loves me so very much, and quite literally allows me to do whatever it is that makes me happy. Thus the multi colored walls in the caravan. I do my level best to make the house as pretty as can be with a very limited budget. All of the interior painting to date has been done with mis tints obtained for five dollars a gallon at Lowes, or with “leftovers” donated by great friends. Here is a picture of my west wall of my kitchen after completing the lime green paint. As you can see the rest of the room “looks like an Easter egg” according to G-Man. Ugh! All that hard work, and so very proud of it just to be told it looks like an Easter egg, oh well. Change is coming!


Well, the rentals came for a visit. Daddy loves projects, and I tell ya, the farm is a veritable treasure trove for him. Our caravan is in need of TLC, and slowly but surely I am staking my claim, marking my territory, and banishing the outdated decor that I sometimes wonder who in their right mind ever thought was in the least bit classy… What were we thinking in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Hunter green and burgundy? YUCK! I am making it a personal goal to permanently remove those colors from my home! I will be fine if I never have to look at them in combination ever again. Continue reading

Ten Little Piggies

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I know, it has been a while. I guess I have been in an uninspired slump. No excuses, no explanations.
This morning, however, I was properly inspired by Lena and Greggery’s newest babies. I have been watching her for the past week and the poor thing sure has been miserable. Sometime in the night she had ten little piggies! So I thought I would share!


Corn Cob Jelly

The popping of lids on the canning jars has to be one of the most satisfying sounds I think I have ever heard. As I sit here typing this, the “pop, pop, pop” I keep hearing is the perfect finale to my latest canning adventure.

I was on a mission to can some corn cob jelly, and am proud to say that I was able to get a couple batches put up today. Last weekend, we were so happy to see the 4H kids at the Nowata County Farmers Market with a truck bed full of Peaches & Cream corn fresh picked, and bagged up ready to sell. We scored a couple dozen.

Once the corn was blanched, cut form the cob, and frozen, I was eager to begin my newest foray into the canning world.

I boiled the cobs a dozen at a time in two quarts of water for a good 30-40 minutes.

Then strained it thoroughly, netting myself four cups of juice per batch. I saved the boiled cobs, and they will be a nice surprise for my little chickies this evening. Continue reading

Piggies are Six Days Old

Greggery and Lena’s babies are six days old in these pics. We have found a home for the white and black spotted little girl, who has been named Agnes by her proud new momma. Just thought I would share the newest photos.

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Solar Eclipse

Had a great time with some pretty great people this evening shooting the solar eclipse. While the sun played peak-a-boo with the clouds, we were fortunate that when the time was right, we had a good, clear view.

This being the first solar eclipse I have ever shot, I picked quite a few shots to share.

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Newborn Piggies!


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Last year for my birthday, I became the very proud new Momma of two pot belly piglets! They were so tiny and sweet.

This is me and Javelina Bacon on her first day home. We call her Lena for short.

Needless to say, the piggies, grew, and grew, and grew. Continue reading

The Day I Learned to Fear a Tornado Revisited

On May 4, 1977, a category four (max. wind speeds 207-260 mph) tornado tore through Pleasant Hill, Missouri, injuring five people and causing between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in damages. Continue reading